G-Technology G-SPEED SHUTTLE XL ev Preview from Videoguys.com

The G-Technology G-SPEED SHUTTLE XL and SHUTTLE SL ev arrived in our warehouses at Videoguys.com! We were so excited that we immediately took one into our demo room to show it off to all of you.
This solution is similar to the popular STUDIO XL with a new, heavy duty transportable case perfect for 2K and 4K location shots that require high performance.

Shuttle XL is available with

g-technology g-speed shuttle xl The Shuttle XL EV, like this one, includes 6 drives and 2 available bays for reading G-Tech’s Evolution Series modules. These modules include SSD drives and the new RED Mini Mag. Just insert your RED MINI-MAG media1 into the ev Series Reader for the fastest transfer to the SHUTTLE XL.

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