G-Technology Shuttle XL Selected Videoguys Top Products of 2017 Video

If you need to support 4K, 8K or VR workflows look no further than G-SPEED Shuttle XL, an 8-bay hardware RAID, Thunderbolt 3 storage solution that is both portable and rugged. When the first generation of G-SPEED Shuttle XL with Thunderbolt 2 connectivity shipped a couple of years ago I really liked it, but I was disappointed that it only had Thunderbolt 2 ports. That really limited the computers you could use it with. The new Thunderbolt 3 versions include cables for USB-C, USB3 and USB2 connectivity. Mac owners can also purchase a Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 converter which enables Mac Pro connectivity. Sorry PC owners, this converter only works on MACs, currently there is no Windows Tbolt3 to Tbolt 2 conversion solution. You can configure your Shuttle for RAID 0 to get the maximum 2000MB/sec throughout, or as RAID 5 or 6 for redundancy. G-SPEED Shuttle XL can be configured as either RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and 50. G-SPEED Shuttle XL comes in wide range of capacities starting at $3,999.95 for 32TB and maxing out at a whopping 96TB for $9,999.95.

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The G-SPEED Shuttle XL ev supports G-Technology’s Evolution Series workflows. These models come configured with 6 hard drives and two Evolution drive bays allowing you to use the G-Tech Red, CFast, and Atomos readers as well as any of their Evolution series G-Drives. For those creative content creators who shoot action video s or footage out in the field, the Evolution workflow makes moving, managing and working with your footage and images so much easier. G-SPEED Shuttle XL ev starts at $2,7999.95 for 24TB and goes up to 72TB for $7,699.95.

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