G-Technology Storage Becomes SanDisk Professional

Introducing SanDisk Professional! Western Digital announced last week that G-Technology's line of storage solutions would be rebranded to SanDisk Professional, premium, pro-grade storage solutions built to flow with you, scalable to expand for any level of production and the durability to help protect your content that matters most. SanDisk Professional combines the best-in-class, pro-grade heritage of G-Technology - the go to brand for Hollywood’s media and entertainment industry - with the global trust of SanDisk to create one powerful professional portfolio purpose built to empower your biggest inspiration.

According to CineD's article written by Florian Milz, The "G"-logo will remain on the G-Technology products until new models branded with the new SanDisk Professional name will arrive. G-Technology ensures that the new products will reamain the "same great products you know and trust today, just under the new SanDisk Professional brand. 

SanDisk Professional goes over the launch in their video below. 


Learn more about the rebrand here

Learn more about SanDisk Professional here!

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