G-Technology Thunderbolt 3 / USB C with Higher-Capacities Announced at NAB

Fstoppers by Adam Ottke At NAB 2017 G-Tech announced a new line-up of G-Technology Thunderbolt 3 / USB C G-Drives, G-RAIDs and G-Speed Shuttle XL storage solutions.

Last week at NAB, G-Technology announced upgrades to a range of its products that combine Thunderbolt 3, USB C, and their highest capacity drives yet with the addition of 12 TB, 7,200 RPM single drives that give products such as the dual-drive G-RAID system at a staggering 24 TB storage allotment.

G-Technology is known for its high-quality, premium storage solutions for video and photography professionals, but backing its reliability is the company's usual waiting period until a particular standard matures into a more reliable and broadly adopted state. As such, today's update finally brings the latest, fastest, and most capable Thunderbolt 3 standards to the G-Tech's lineup.

  • G-DRIVE (single drive) with Thunderbolt 3 up to 10TB
  • G-RAID (dual drives) with Thunderbolt 3 up to 20TB
  • G-SPEED Shuttle XL (8 drives) with Thunderbolt 3 up to 80TB
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