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G-Tech announced a whole new line of SSD storage! A 4-bay rugged SSD RAID device called G-SPEED Shuttle SSD, a desktop single drive storage device called the G-DRIVE Pro SSD, and a portable SSD drive the G-DRIVE mobile Pro SSD. These new drives should be available this Summer! The article below goes into more detail about these exciting new solid state drives: g-technology ssdFrom NerdGrabs

G-Technology this week introduced its new families of external SSDs featuring a Thunderbolt 3 interface, up to 16 TB capacity, and 2800 MB/s sustained throughput. The new DAS from G-Technology are aimed at mobile workstations used for 4K, 8K, and VR content creation.

The new lineup of G-Technology’s external SSDs includes the G-Speed Shuttle multi-bay solid-state storage system, which is for use in studios as well as on set, the G-Drive Pro SSDs, and the G-Drive mobile Pro drives for use primarily on the go. G-Technology guarantees that all the drives offer 2800 MB/s of sustained read speeds in a bid to enable editing of multi-stream Ultra HD footage at full frame rate, or quickly render VR projects.

G-Technology (and Western Digital, the owner of the brand) does not disclose what type of NAND flash memory and NAND controllers the new SSDs use. Meanwhile, since we are dealing with workstation-class products, it is logical to assume that the manufacturer uses highly-reliable components. Just like many other advanced SSDs, the new external drives from G-Technology are covered by a five-year warranty....read more

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