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Complicated Things on YouTube goes over G-Technology drives and managing your workflow in one of their latest videos. In this video celebrity portrait photographer Mark Mann and fashion photographer Alex Hooks use a G-Technology XL Thunderbolt 3 Drive and 2TB SSD G-Technology drive along with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, a SanDisk C-Fast Card, and a laptop with a Thunderbolt port to create the perfect workflow. Check out their video below.

"We’ve been shooting an annual supercar event in California for the last few years, and always struggled to come up with a system we liked for backing up footage each day. This year, we asked G-Technology for some advice, and they loaned us two Shuttle XL TB3 RAIDs to test out. Using those G-Tech RAIDs, a few G-Tech SSDs, and Sandisk C-Fast cards, and a laptop, we were able to come up with a workflow we really love. Not only is it safe and reliable, but it saved us a ton of time and anguish. There are a million different ways to make sure your footage is safely backed up, so this video not only shows the data management workflow we’re using, but details a few things you might want to consider when designing the data management workflow for your next project."
Complicated Things


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