G-Technology's Favorite Portable Hard Drive Now Available in 2TB Capacity!

There's a reason we love and recommend G-Technology's external drives. They are some of the best on the market. This portable, rugged drive will serve you well on the go for personal and/or business needs. If you need more reasons to love this drive, check out our quick video review of G-Tech's storage options here: Video Review of Top 10 G-Technology Storage Solutions

G-Technology’s Favorite Portable Hard Drive Just Got Bigger

From Cinema5d G-Technology has expanded their ev Drive line-up, doubling its maximum capacity to 2TB. The highly versatile Evolution Series drives can be used as a stand alone rugged USB 3 portable hard drive or plugged into a Shuttle for quick offload and duplication. The G-Drive ev has been around for some time, with G-Technology gradually increasing their specification list and compatibility with the rest of the hard drives in their Evolution range. Their latest release is the 2TB G-Drive ev. This will be available in hard disk form only, with SSD versions currently still capping out at 1TB. It’s almost identical to the 1TB version, except for being just a few millimetres thicker and therefore not compatible with their ATC casing. As a standalone drive, the G-Drive ev is a rugged USB 3.0 portable hard drive. It has a drop rate of 1.5 metres (1.2 metres without removable bumper) and a transfer rate of up to 136MB/s, or 425MB/s for the SSD version...[continue reading]

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