G-Technology's G-RACK 12 How-To Series Video Guide

G-RACK™ 12 Network-Attached Storage (NAS) delivers the ultimate in high-performance, centralized storage for small-to-medium size post-production houses, TV/broadcast studios, ad agencies and in-house creative departments that use Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Apple® Final Cut Pro® X or Avid Media Composer®, and other creative applications. G-RACK 12 brings G-Technology’s reliability, scalability, and studio-friendly technology to centralized storage. Streamline demanding media and entertainment workflows of 4K and above with a flexible 12-Bay server offering up to 120TB; an optional Expansion Chassis for adding up to another 120TB of storage; integration with popular non-linear editing (NLE) suites; and the latest BTRfs file system for better data management.

Watch this G-RACK How-To Series from G-Technology

G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 1 Setup a Static Network ConnectionLearn how to access your G-RACK 12 via Ethernet connectivity.
G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 2 Setup & ConfigurationLearn how to get started with your G-RACK 12.
G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 3 GUI WalkthroughUnderstand the various menu options available on the G-NAS OS admin tool.
G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 4 iSCSI Connection GlobalSANLearn how to connect to your G-RACK 12 utilizing the iSCSI protocol.
G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 5 iSCSI AJA TestFind out how well the G-RACK 12 performs in iSCSI mode using AJA.
G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 6 iSCSI FCPX Playback & EditLearn how to implement Apple’s Final Cut Pro X on the G-RACK 12 NAS device using iSCSI.
G-RACK 12 How-To Series Ep 7 AFP SMB Network Connections for MacLearn how to implement various networking protocols in order to connect your client computer to the G-RACK 12.

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