Game on with Asus, DFI and Foxconn Mobos

Tom's Hardware by Patrick Schmid, Achim Roos Tom's Mobo x 3Three Gaming Motherboards With Intel's P35 Chipset PC gaming certainly has changed a lot over the last few years. At first, there were PCs on which people could play games when they weren't using the machines for office work, email or other more-mundane applications . Now there is a bevy of dedicated gaming PCs on offer and a growing variety of components designed just for the gamer enthusiast. Gaming clearly has turned into a sport, and there is plenty of excitement that goes along with it. The components used for gaming systems have to satisfy both technical and emotional expectations, because you want your gaming rig to perform well and you want it to be special; at the end of the day, the system is a reflection of its owner. read more...

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