Videoguys Webinar: Yi Technology 4K Action Cameras

Action cameras have been around for over ten years now and they are only getting better. The institution of 4K resolution and their ability to stream live content, action cameras are constantly expanding on their capabilities. Yi Technology action cameras are on the forefront of these technological advances taking major steps to becoming a premiere action camera provider. In this week's webinar host Gary Bettan shows you the latest from Yi Technology's 4K action cameras plus a look at their other lines of great products. Didn't catch the live stream of this webinar? Don't worry, you can watch it and all of our other videos on our YouTube page.

YI Technology 4K Action Cameras In Stock!

YI 4K+ 60 fps Action Camera

YI 4K+ Action Camera 4K+ has twice the frame rate of its nearest competitors. It shoots 4K video at an incredible frame rate of 60fps, which makes it the world’s best action camera. With case, it’s waterproof at depths up to 132ft below the surface, shockproof, dust-proof, anti-fog protected, with a stainless steel scratch-resistant case and a secure spring latch to prevent accidental opening.

YI 4K Action Camera

Records 4K/30fps at 60mbps, 4x the quality of 1080p. 7 layers of all glass optical lenses combined with F2.8 large aperture increases light intake to capture crisp and detailed footage. Built-in 2.19″ LCD touchscreen, 155° ultra-wide angel lens, Distortion Correction, EIS Slow Motion, and 120 minutes long battery life.
Available in Black or White


Included Bluetooth 4.0 Remote is wearable and attachable to the selfie stick. YI selfie stick adjusts to three different sizes, supports 360 degree horizontal and 180 degree vertical rotation. Simple twist-and-lock function allows for easy use.
Available in Black or White


3-Axis Pan / Tilt / Zoom Gimbal with 320 Degree Pan / Tilt rotation helps you to capture smooth footage even on the roughest roads. Compatible with YI Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote – features a simple twist-and-lock function and rotates 360° horizontally, 180° vertically and is adjustable from 7″ to 28″.
YI 4K Action cameras in stock!

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