Gear & Now: Live Event Switchers

Event DV by Lee Rickwood DataVideoA number of new products are providing dedicated solutions for the live recording, editing, and mixing of audio/video and computer content—and not just in standard definition, but in HDV and HD as well. Whether live in the field or back in post, media producers and event videographers have choices for their acquisition, production, and postproduction strategies. Live-event production and on-location packaging can be rewarding in more ways than one. Regardless of whether the job in question is a wedding, school function, or corporate event, a program that’s already available on the web or ready for handing out at “lights up† or soon thereafter is often perceived to have greater value than one that takes weeks or months to finally deliver. Given the expectations created by the refined and stylized product that we do create in post—years beyond the era when popping out a raw tape and handing it over was the norm in event video—this kind of instant or near-instant turnaround is a specialty that often leans heavily on creative capability and technical dependability under pressure. read more...

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