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geebeebee media

As mentioned in our last blog post, we're in the process of launching our own in-house filming production service, complete with new high-end cameras and facilities to add to our current DSLR setup, and this is very much still on course. We can't spill the beans yet on our new investments, the high-profile sports production we're hoping to film in early July, or the project backers, but what we can announce is the name of our production offshoot: geebeebee media.

By way of a warm-up, we've been filming what we know and love - freeride mountain biking - and have had the opportunity to shoot a couple of short test films, with a couple more in the pipeline. We recently had a half-day shoot at a local downhill/freeride mountain bike race (held at the Gravity Project in Hampshire, UK), and thanks to our links with Adobe, we decided to give our production skills and worklfow a good 'ol test by setting our sights on a 4 day turnaround, whilst using Adobe's new CS6 Master Collection content creation suite, which has just been released (filming and software review below the video)...and here's the fruits of our labours...

The race event was filmed on a Canon EOS 7D in 720p50 format, using the ProLost Flat camera profile, which we use interchangeably with the Technicolor CineStyle profile; we also used a GoPro HD Hero camera for some POV shots on a notoriously steep, off-camber hairpin, leading to some great comedy moments, though thankfully no injuries...scroll down for the 'corner cam' video. On the DSLR, we used a range of modern AF and antique manual lenses, including 14, 35, 50 and 100mm primes, with grip and monitoring equipment from Manfrotto, DSLR DEVICES and SmallHD. read more...

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