Get 11X Faster Video Encoding for Blu–ray, Flash and DVD Media Production!

Turn your work flow from days into hours... from hours into minutes!

Add power and performance to your Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 workflow with the recently introduced Elemental™ Accelerator, a high–speed, high–quality video processing solution. Leveraging the NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel computing architecture, Elemental Accelerator allows videographers to perform GPU–accelerated video encoding with a Quadro FX Graphical Processing Unit (GPU), delivering a performance increase of up to 11X compared to CPU–only video encoders. By executing demanding processing tasks on the GPU, Elemental Accelerator not only speeds video encoding, it frees CPU resources to perform other tasks, resulting in a faster, more efficient video editing and production environment.


Elemental Accelerator performs GPU–accelerated conversion of commonly distributed digital video formats to H.264/AVC output ready for upload to the web or burning to Blu–ray disc. Plus, with version 2.1, Elemental Accelerator will add support for high–speed MPEG–2 video encoding for DVD media or digital broadcast output. Support for MPEG–2 encoding will be available via a free upgrade to existing Elemental Accelerator customers.

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Learn how Elemental Accelerator will speed the Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 workflow and save you time using GPU acceleration for video decoding, processing and encoding.

Elemental Accelerator is enabled for a wide range of Quadro FX GPUs including the NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800, Quadro FX 3800, Quadro FX 4800, Quadro FX 4800 for Mac, Quadro FX 5800, Quadro FX 2700M and Quadro FX 3700M. For the first time, Mac Pro users have a GPU–accelerated encoding solution, with the new Elemental Accelerator 1.2 for Mac OS X combined with the Quadro FX 4800 for MAC.

Elemental Accelerator and Quadro FX bundles

Elemental Accelerator is now bundled with Quadro FX 1800, FX 3800, and FX 4800, offering dramatic savings over the cost of purchasing these items separately.

Quadro FX 1800 Bundle MSRP $799 Now $569
Quadro FX 3800 Bundle MSRP $1,799 Now $949
Quadro FX 4800 Bundle MSRP $2,599 Now $1,599

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