Get the List of 5 Essentials for Successful Church Tech

This article gives tips mainly on management and interpersonal skills. We have some great resources that are on the equipment and technical side - also fundamental to running the technology for a church, school or institution. See what our experts have to say in these articles, too:

5 Essential Qualities of Great Church Tech

What are the basics needed on a day to day basis that lay the foundation for a successful technical ministry? from church-production-techAs the church tech, these are your primary responsibilities. Normally. 1.) Provide Technical Services This essentially means the operation of equipment as needed. Turning the system on and operating it for services and events. Setup and breakdown of microphones and other equipment. Basically, the obvious stuff. 2.) Manage The Equipment: This includes repairs and organization. (There’s another lesson specifically about repairs in the book.) Organization is critical. Knowing what gear you have. Storing it properly. Maintaining it. Keeping it presentable and functional. Maintaining inventory of stock items. Taking responsibility for the whole system and processes. One of the best habits you can develop is simply reading. Each piece of gear has a manual available. Those manuals explain the most effective ways to use them. There is an amazing amount of education inside each one. Unfortunately, most manuals end up in a drawer or the trash without ever being read. 3.) Keep Your Workspace Under Control The only reason for anyone to be in a mixing position is if they’re mixing. A certain amount of crowd control is involved. You can’t stay focused on the service with several people around you who aren’t. Keep distraction away. Keep your workspace neat and organized. Don’t allow trash or unnecessary items to crowd your space. I teach techs that once service starts, you don’t get to blink. You have to constantly watch for changes or problems. Extraneous distractions will make that almost impossible...[continue reading on ]

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