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Hello, this is Travis White with NewBlue, and I’m here to show you NewBlue Titler Pro Basics inside Avid Media Composer. Be sure to scroll down to see both Parts 2 and 3 in this post. If you’d like to try for yourself anything you see in this tutorial, download both Avid’s free 30-day fully-functioning Media Composer 7 trial and our 14-day Titler Pro trial. Let’s get started with Part 1.

Now, as you know, you have had for some time a title tool in Avid Media Composer called the Avid Title Tool. What we’re going to do here is we’re going to look at some basics of the kinds of things that you have been achieving in that Avid Title Tool, and then we’re going to go beyond so you can understand how you can create 2D, 3D, animated titles inside your own timeline of Avid Media Composer.

But first things first, how do you apply Titler Pro? Well, let’s go up to the Effect Palette and find it here in the Effect Palette. And of course you would drag and drop it to a clip on your timeline. One thing that I like to do is find an edit point and use the tool in Media Composer Add Edit. And this will do a slice on a track, and I can go ahead and apply the effect right there. And now I have the default text of Titler Pro coming up.

So what I want to do is obviously go to the Effect Editor, and there’s one control in the Effect Editor and that’s “Launch the User Interface of NewBlue Titler Pro.”

So I’ll give you a bit of a survey about what our user interface is about. Right here you have your workspace in which we’ll be doing the majority of our work. Over here on the left you have a control panel for your objects orientation. Under Style will be how your characters look. Under Effects and Transitions, we’ll get in another tutorial, and finally in the Library is where you can find a number of presets. But we’re going to start from scratch in this case.

Down here on the timeline we have a timeline of ten seconds because that’s the duration of the slice on my Media Composer timeline. This blue bar represents what we call a paragraph. A paragraph is a string of characters and carriage returns and tabs and all of that which is a block of text essentially. read more...

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