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The hype around Avid Studio--the powerful new video editing suite for hobbyists and advanced enthusiasts--is in full swing. Andy Panizza, Segment Marketing Manager, fills us in on why Avid Studio will become an enduring passion for customers all over the world.

With Avid Studio, Avid is addressing a new customer base. Who are these customers?

Andy Panizza: We call these customers "advanced enthusiasts." They're at the high end of the consumer-editing spectrum, and represent those who want to do more with their video. These individuals have edited before-whether on a Pinnacle solution or one from another manufacturer-but are ready to progress beyond their current level. The advanced enthusiast is familiar with multimedia editing principles, and may have used an application such as Photoshop or Illustrator, so they're not intimidated by a more complex interface. Avid Studio addresses creatives who really want to take their projects to the next level, but don't want to spend a boatload of money to buy an expensive editing system.

What's different about Avid Studio (compared to Pinnacle Studio)?

Andy: Pinnacle Studio is designed for entry-level video editors. The interface is visual and easy to use, whereas Avid Studio represents a more advanced, pro-level interface. We looked at professional workflows and integrated them into Avid Studio, while still maintaining ease of use. To summarize the differences, it really comes down to three things that are included in Avid Studio: 1) the extensive media library, 2) the professional-level movie editing tools that allow users to edit their assets before taking them to the timeline, and 3) unlimited timeline tracks for multi-layer compositing and multi-layer effects.

And, on a side note, Pinnacle Studio customers who upgrade to Avid Studio can open their existing Pinnacle projects in Avid Studio. They‘re not losing their work by upgrading.

Tell us more about the unlimited tracks in Avid Studio.

Andy: Well, Pinnacle Studio is limited to two tracks of video. And the majority of our entry-level customers are happy with that. Pinnacle Studio users can simulate multiple tracks of video with a feature called Montage, which is template-based editing. Customers can just click and drag their pictures and videos into pre-made templates with multiple layers of videos. But with Avid Studio, we've really opened it up and included unlimited tracks of videos.

With Avid Studio, advanced enthusiasts can really get into compositing and multi-layer editing. There really are no limits to their creativity. Plus, these tracks can be anything-audio, video, titles, effects, voice-overs, and sound effects. With Avid Studio, we've really opened up the possibilities to our customers-they are not limited to two tracks and they can get into more advanced compositing of videos, photos, and effects on the timeline. This is the biggest difference between Pinnacle Studio and Avid Studio.

What makes the Avid Studio workflow more professional?

Andy: The Avid Studio workflow includes an extensive media library that gives the customer more control. They can sort, tag, and rate, keeping track of all the assets they have on their computer, including videos, photos, music, and creative elements (titles, transitions, etc.). They can use the library to sort and find the assets that they need for each project.

The media library also empowers customers to modify, edit, and enhance all those assets before taking them to the timeline. For example, they can color-correct a picture, including red eye removal. So they create, and then they produce their project--which is a more professional way of editing. On the other hand, we kept it simple with Pinnacle Studio. Users click and drag their photos and videos to the timeline and then apply the effects-the filters, the red-eye removal, etc.

Essentially, Avid Studio lets you edit like a pro because you can pre-produce everything before you even take it to the timeline. From a professional perspective, it's a lot more efficient to concentrate on finding and fixing all your creative elements first. Then when you're ready to edit, you go to the timeline and spend all of your energy unleashing your creativity versus trying to find and edit stuff. This is a pro workflow--within an application that's still very easy to use and truly adapted to enthusiasts.

We've included more professional editing tools, taking a cue from software like Media Composer, while keeping it easy and user friendly. For example, the library features built-in media editors. We also include a large number of plug-ins from Red Giant, Avid, and Pinnacle to give customers more options right out of the box.

I've been getting a lot of questions about Avid Studio and how it compares to Media Composer. It is important to mention that the two products address two completely different markets. While Avid Studio borrows some ideas, concepts, and the image stabilization feature from its big brother Media Composer, it really is targeted to the consumer space and the needs of customers at that level. It's about ease of use, smart tools to help customers become more efficient, and enabling them to quickly share memories with friends and family around the globe.

What's the learning curve? Will Pinnacle customers know how to use Avid Studio?

Andy: Avid Studio includes two and a half hours of training from Class On Demand. This is a big feature for customers-they can buy this product and be ready to go right out of the box. Not only do they get the best possible consumer-editing application, and the best possible add-ons, they also get comprehensive training on how to make the most of it.

What kind of impact will Avid Studio have on the creative enthusiast market?

Andy: Traditionally we've only met the needs of two-thirds of the consumer-editing spectrum: the entry-level hobbyists and the customers who are slightly more advanced. We really never addressed the upper end of the spectrum, the advanced user who doesn't want to go pro or isn't ready for a high-end application like Media Composer. With Avid Studio, we're addressing the upper end of the market and filling that gap. We now cover the entire range of customers in the consumer-editing space--from entry-level to hobbyists to advanced enthusiasts.

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