Getaway Productions Chooses Small Tree Shared Storage for Feature Film Project

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(Atlanta, Georgia--May 7, 2013) Having finished shooting on the feature film “Getaway,” an action movie starring Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez and Jon Voight, the Getaway post-production team knew they needed to add visual effects artists to work on the project. With the addition of up to six VFX artists and two post-production assistants, the team also knew a robust storage solution would be necessary to meet tight deadlines. As such, the group installed a Titanium16 Ethernet-based shared storage system from Small Tree.

Small Tree’s Titanium16, a 3U rack-mount solution configurable up to 20 GbE or 12 10GbE ports and storage capacity from 32TB to 320TB while delivering up to 72 streams of ProRes 422, has improved workflow for Getaway Productions and provided greater peace of mind. Multiple editing applications including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects, Media Encoder, Cinema 4D and Illustrator were used by the team, all worked seamlessly with the Titanium.

The crew used a variety of cameras during filming of “Getaway,” including Red One, Red Epic, Canon 5D, Canon 7D, VIO POV HD, Iconix and Flipcam in formats ranging from XDCam HD and AVD HD to R3D and DPX Image Sequences. In addition to loading footage onto the Titanium, all of the source footage was backed up over three sets of external 12 TB drives and LTO tapes.

“Before installing the Titanium16, we spent a lot of time copying files and reconnecting projects,” said Elliott Houston, assistant editor at Getaway Productions. “With all of the source material – up to 30 different cameras during the shoot – and offline editing files for ‘Getaway,’ we were looking for a storage solution that could handle all of that data. At the same time, we didn’t want to have to deal with substantial changes to our infrastructure. To that end, the simplicity and power of the Titanium16 has been ideal. read more...

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