Are you getting the most out of your 4K Camera?

Yes, it's true, 4K technology is ahead of most distribution avenues. This article is from a 4K user offering strategies on how you can make the most out of your ahead-of-the-game gear. Good stuff.

How to Use Your 4K Camera in an HD World

From LiveProduction blog 2K distribution and 1080p HD broadcast are going to receive new attention at NAB. That’s right, ‘2K’ is not a typo, that is what I meant. Broadcast and distribution in 1080p is being adopted slowly, but not nearly as slowly as 4K. You may be one of thousands of camera purchasers who invested in 4K after clever marketing by the dozen or so camera companies out there pushing their ‘revolutionary’ new products. So, what do you do now? An “ePTZ”, or Multi-Cam adapter system may be your answer.

What is ePTZ?

The CCTV security camera market was the first to take PTZ cameras into the mainstream, and is also the first to popularize ePTZ cameras as well. The same wide angle image is cropped digitally to create new shots. When SD was still mainstream, HD cameras were used. Now that HD is mainstream, cameras with 4K sensors are used...[continue reading]

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