Getting Started Telling Stories in Virtual Reality

download (5)We've been covering the latest developements in Virtual Reality over at the Videoguys blog for about a year now. In this guide VR Dribble gives you an excellent overview of the thought process and considerations for Virtual Reality storytelling. Videoguys now carries 360Heros GoPro mounts and Video Sticch software bundles for creating your VR content.
VR Dribble

Storytelling in Virtual Reality: A Starter's Guide

For the first time since the creation of motion pictures, a new medium of storytelling is being built: virtual reality. As with any new medium of art, the rules are being established, language being developed and devices being explored. As it stands currently within the realm of virtual reality, anything goes. Well, almost anything. Because of the newness of the medium, nobody currently has all of the answers, which creates a very exciting time to experiment and discover. Industry experts are very open and willing to share information on their experiences of creating stories for virtual reality, thus creating an accessible atmosphere of content creation dialogue. Here are some nuts and bolts to consider when building your virtual storyline: Consider your Viewer For most audience members at this point in time, virtual reality will be a new experience. It's contrary to our nature to put something on our head which blocks our ability to hear and see what's happening around us. Our survival instincts are not attuned to this. For some, head gear may be pretty jarring. When considering this, the delivery of your VR content can make or break a person's experience of virtual reality. If you're trying to scare them, you're already at an advantage. If you're not - building in a little bit of 'breathing time' may serve your storyline well. Oculus Story Studio recommends giving your viewer about thirty seconds to acclimate to the VR setting. By allowing breathing time, you're giving them an opportunity to ease into the environment, observe their surroundings and learn how to conduct themselves within this new arena. read more...

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