Getting the most for your dollar when choosing your editing package

DMN Feature: By Kevin McAuliffe In Part 1, Kevin Mcauliffe covers the main tools in Adobe's and Apple's video production suites These days, it seems like everyone out there has an editing package. Apple has Final Cut Studio, Avid has Media Composer that you can bundle with Studio Toolkit (on Windows only), Adobe has Creative Suite - Production Bundle and even Sony has the Vegas Pro editing bundle, but with all these choices out there, what should you choose? First things first. When choosing an editing package, you want just that. A package! With computers getting as powerful as they are, we as editors (and compositors, and graphic artists, and sound mixers) now have the option to get a “full package† that includes editing, audio mixing, DVD creation and web solutions, and for companies to offer us anything less (as a package), almost seems pointless. So, where do you start, when looking for the package that’s right for you? Well, for all us Mac users, the choice is made easier right off the bat. First, we can eliminate Vegas, as it is Windows only. Second, we can eliminate Media Composer, as Studio toolkit is Windows only, and I said in my review, Media Composer is the best editing application on the market, but it is just that, an editing application, and we want the most for our dollar, so that’s out. Well, it looks like we have two choices left; Final Cut Studio 2 and Adobe’s Creative Suite CS3 Production Bundle. Read More

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