Give the gift of Video Editing for the Holidays!

StartedAs a reader of our blog, you know more than a little bit about video editing. Many of you are actually video professionals or enthusiasts who have been editing and creating your own videos and DVDs for years. Why not share your love of video with a family member or a friend? We’ve just updated the “Getting Started† page of our website and I think you’ll find it a great place to go for information. You’ll find an overview of camcorder formats, basic computer recommendations for video editing plus a quick review of the hardware & software products available today. We’ve also picked our Top 3 products for folks who want to give video editing a try, without having to invest a whole bunch of money or time. All three products include easy to use video editing software plus hardware that will allow them to import their footage from DV or older analog sources. While inexpensive and easy to use, all three video editing software titles allow them to edit their video, add soundtracks, titles, transitions and effects, then send it back to tape, burn it onto a DVD or export it as a file for sharing on the internet. Click here for the article and be sure to email it to friends and family!!

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