Glyph 2TB Atom RAID: Fantastic Portable 4K Video Editing Storage

Looking for portable RAID with SSD drives? We couldn't say more than this review on Glyph's Atom RAID dual drive SSD portable drive with USBc, USB3 and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity! You've got size and color to choose from - gold, silver, black, and gray; 2 or 4TBs. Great quality, great looking, and a solid choice for having reliable storage on site and in the field. From Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions

A year or so ago, I invested more than $2,000 in an 8-bay, 24 terabyte RAID system -- which included a handle for portability. My G-Speed Shuttle XL is a great piece of kit, but you need a pack mule if you're going to take it into the field.

Now the Glyph comes along and -- though it's not exactly a fair comparison (RAID 5 vs. RAID 0, hard drives vs. SSDs, 24 terabytes vs... ummm... two), the Glyph's performance comes closer to the big boy than you might imagine and is ideal for people like me who need to edit a single large project under extreme deadline pressure in the field -- and carry everything themselves.

The Glyph is smaller than my wallet.

I am NOT giving this back.

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