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On Today's Videoguys Live, Gary is joined by Liron to discuss the BlackBox Studio Pro RAID and everything you need to know about RAID storage solutions from Glyph.

Watch the full webinar below:

Who is Glyph?
  • Supporting customers for 30 years
  • HQ in New York, USA
  • Designed, Assembled, and Tested in the USA
  • Trained Local Support
  • TAA Compliant
  • Comprehensive 3-2-1 Warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

  • 3 years of full hardware coverage
  • 2 years of level-1 data recovery
  • 1 year of advance replacement
  • Lifetime phone and email support

Introducing Glyph Blackbox PRO RAID

  • Professional Dual Drive RAID Solution​
  • USB Type-C (Gen2) ​
  • Compatible with Thunderbolt 3/4​
  • Up to 40TB @ 550 MB/s​
  • Supports RAID-0/1/JBOD/SPAN​
  • Enterprise Class Storage​
  • Temperature Controlled Fan​
  • International Power Adaptor
  • Optional Hub includes:

    • SD Slot (UHS-II)
    • C-Fast 2.0
    • USB 3.2, gen2 Type-A port

Glyph Blackbox PRO RAID Desktop Drive

Glyph Blackbox PRO RAID Desktop Drive with Optional Hub

Optional Hub includes:

  • SD Slot (UHS-II)
  • C-Fast 2.0
  • USB 3.2, gen2 Type-A port

What is RAID?

  • RAID - “Redundant Array of Independent Disks”​
  • Glyph Blackbox PRO RAID supported modes:​

RAID-0 "Striped"

  • Best for video capture, A/V Streaming​
  • Reads and writes data across both drives simultaneously ​
  • Increased performance​
  • Larger achieved capacity​
  • No fault tolerance or redundancy

Raid-1 "Mirrored"

  • Best for archiving and backup​
  • Data needs to be written to both drives simultaneously ​
  • Two complete copies of all data at all times​
  • Can survive a single drive failure​
  • Increased read speed​

Hardware vs Software RAID in Dual Drive Environments

​Hardware - The RAID is managed by a dedicated onboard controller.​

  • Faster​
  • More reliable​
  • Easier + faster to rebuild after drive failure​
  • Doesn’t rely on host computer resources​
  • Won’t negatively impact host computer performance​
  • Easier to configure​


  • Typically more expensive (not always)

Software - The RAID is managed by software on the host machine.​

  • Typically less expensive (not always)​


  • Slower​
  • Less reliable​
  • Relies on host computer resources​
  • Can negatively impact host computer performance​
  • Slower to rebuild after drive failure

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