Go Pro Omni for VR Content Creators

This is great news for the ever growing and fast trending virtual reality content creation world. 360Rize, formerly 360Heros, makes 360-degree filming gear and we've got a great selection of their tried-and-true camera mounts. Check them out here: 360Rize.

Attention VR Content Creators: OMNI is shipping and you're going to want it

From GoPro.com Next week, on August 17, Omni will begin shipping to pre-order customers and be available to new customers. If creating 360-degree, spherical, VR content is something you are doing right now or something you are exploring, you owe it to yourself to put an Omni in your toolkit, and here’s why: OMNI – THE ECOSYSTEM Omni is so much more than just a six-camera capture rig designed for GoPro cameras. Omni is an end-to-end content creation ecosystem that, by accelerating the time from capture to publish, will allow content creators to capture and publish more, higher-quality content. Capture. Stitch. Share. Enjoy...[continue reading]

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