Going Bananas over LiveU REMI Remote Production!

In a bid to expand their reach, foster a dedicated fan base, and increase ticket and merchandise sales, the Savannah Bananas, a burgeoning franchise, recognized the need to bring their games to a broader online audience. However, traditional live production methods were ruled out due to their cost and complexity, including the use of production trucks, full crews, and satellite connections. This case study explores how LiveU's innovative EcoSystem and Remote Production Solution offered a game-changing alternative.

The LiveU Solution:
The Savannah Bananas leveraged LiveU's IP bonded cellular encoders for seamless connectivity and adopted a REMI production workflow to create high-quality multi-camera live-streamed broadcasts. According to Chad Reese, Coordinating Producer of the Savannah Bananas, this approach allowed the team to set up their production quickly and efficiently, all while retaining their preferred equipment and crew from their home base in Savannah, Georgia. It eliminated concerns about connectivity in various stadiums and venues, thanks to LiveU's patented cellular bonding technology.

Enhanced Fan Engagement:
With thousands of viewers tuning in every night, the Savannah Bananas' production team consistently elevated their broadcasts. Their high-quality content attracted the attention of major broadcasters like ESPN and NESN, who traditionally sent production trucks to cover games but now leveraged the lean production crew of the Savannah Bananas. The increased engagement from live broadcasts and social media content led to a substantial boost in revenue streams, including ticket and merchandise sales.

Workflow at a Glance:
The LU800 production-level field unit linked to multiple camera sources positioned throughout the stadiums, including cameras in the press box, high home, and center field. Lightweight LU300S encoders were deployed to on-field cameras. These units transmitted live feeds back to LiveU receivers situated in the Bananas control room, where the live broadcast was switched and subsequently distributed on YouTube.

In the words of Chad Reese, "The entire LiveU EcoSystem has made it possible to produce the show in so many different ways. It’s made it simple to show up, know the show, produce it to the best that we can and move on to the next one." This innovative approach has not only saved costs but has also significantly enhanced the fan experience, setting a new standard in franchise broadcasting.

Read the full case study from LiveU HERE

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