Going Mobile: Live Production DV Switcher Roundup

DV Mag by Nate Caplin mixers Datavideo SE-800DV With the SE-800DV and its related accessories, Datavideo built a platform that can be customized to meet a wide variety of users' needs. Sony AWS-G500 Anycast Station Live Content Producer Everything you ever wanted in a portable, all-in-one video studio, plus a few things you didn't even know you wanted. Expensive - almost $20,000! NewTek TriCaster Class-leading software and budget price make Tricaster a good value. Best CG, effects, and clip store. Attractive, intuitive software. Focus Enhancements MX-4 DV Small. Abundant video I/O. Imports JPEG graphics. Read the complete review Check out Videoguys Digital Mixer Page

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