Good Blog Article Explains the Difference Between Yolobox and Yolobox Pro!

BNW Collections recently wrote an article explaning the differecn between the YoloLiv YoloBox and the brand new YoloBox Pro. BNW Collections is Pakistani owned Karachi based company operating since 2010, specialising in continuous and flash studio lighting, backdrops, product photography tents and tables, and a wide variety of photographic accessories. 

The YoloBox Pro was recently released and has already made a big impact for live steamers everywhere. It differes from the original YoloBox by it's USB connectivity, inputs, size and more. Check out some highlights from BNW Collections article written by M.Waqas.


"Both units have the same size and for those who are also filming outside, these screens have tremendous brightness. But in comparison with Yolobox, the Yolobox Pro-multi-streaming device has a better screen at 400 NITS. Also, the HDMI out on the Yolobox Pro is now HDCP compliant. So what that means is it can be brought into more Production systems, more devices, and more flexible than the yolobox HDMI out."


"In terms of Processing speed, Yolobox Pro will pick up all of the frames, whereas it is a little chaotic on the Yolobox. It is nice to have a smooth preview within the device. Yolobox is still very robust and quick but it takes little more seconds to Process and that is because of the CPU on the two devices. The Yolobox has a Qualcomm 625 CPU whereas Yolobox Pro now has a Qualcomm 660 CPU.

Yolobox is still great for a lot of Productions but in near future, you can step up with the Yolobox Pro if you want more capabilities."

The YoloBox, all-in-one live streaing studio, encoder, switcher, monitor and recorder is simple, portable, reliable and affordable. The YoloBox Pro offers ehnchanced features, more inpurts, and a bigger & brighter display. Both are very powerful devices.

Check out more of the similarities and differences in BNW Collections article here!

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