GoPro & Google Partner Up on 16 Camera 360 Degree Virtual Reality Rig

Screen Shot 06-05-15 at 12.35 PMWe already now that Facebook owns Oculus Rift the maker of VR headsets. Google has jumped into the VR game as well. They just announce their new VR technology Jump to enable people to create and share VR content. Go Pro purchased Kolor a maker of 3D Spherical Virtual Content creation software. Now GoPro and Google are parnering to create a monster 16 cmaera GoPro 260 degree VR rig. Things are definitely heating up in the VR space and Videoguys will be here to give you the latest and greatest information about this emerging technology. Engadget: GoPro unveils a 360-degree camera array for VR videos Now that Google has announced Jump, a new VR technology platform that lets you create and share 3D content, you're probably wondering how you can do exactly that. Well, Google has partnered with GoPro to come up with a solution: a 360-degree camera array built out of 16 GoPros. The circular rig boasts camera syncing, multi-camera control and a super-long battery life so it can stand out there to capture as much crazy 3D footage as you can conjure up. From there, you can just hand over the video to Google's Jump software and it'll process it for you. read more..
Mettle: 5 Things You Need to Know About Google VR Google is betting big on VR, that’s the news from its Google I/O developer conference.They’re not the only ones. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, has on several occasions said he believes virtual reality could be the next computing platform. What does this mean for motion designers and content creators? Get ready, because the format is most likely going to become a standard, and sooner than you think. You may already be aware that youtube lets you upload 360 degree videos (which also works with Mettle SkyBox). It looks like that’s just the first step for Google. Over the last year, Google has developed a 360-degree camera that looks like a chandelier rigged with 16 GoPro video recorders, and currently has about a dozen of them filming sights around the world. When run through Google’s software and processors, the footage will turn into a virtual reality rendering that tries to mimic the view from a human eye. read more...
Let's Get Spherical...Spherical: GoPro Acquires Virtual Reality Start-Up Kolor GoPro is known for enabling some of today's most immersive content and today's acquistion of virtual reality and spherical media company Kolor will take GoPro entertainment to a whole new level. Kolor's solutions help users combine multiple photographs or videos to produce high-res panoramic or shperical content that are an essentail component of virtual reality technology. In conjunction with the announcement, GoPro and Kolor have released an immersive, spherical video that demonstrates the marriage of GoPro imagery and Kolor's software. "Land, Air and Sea" takes you on a journey to unexpected places so be sure to watch and interact with the video! read more...

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