Does GoPro hava a 360 Degree Virtual Reality Camera coming?

You knew it was just a matter of time. While several companies are selling GoPro mounts to allow for Virtual Reality shooting, the company itself is stepping in with their own, spherical 360 Degree Virtual Reality camera. In this video they hint that their VR camera will be simple and easy to use, aimed at consumer enthusiasts. An extension of the GoPro lifestyle barnd into Virtual Reality.
No Film School by Joe Marine There are always new technologies coming out of CES, and this year's show was no different During a keynote, YouTube's Robert Kyncl mentioned that the company will be supporting HDR video, joining streaming companies like Amazon and Netflix. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range video. In addition, around 55 minutes into the keynote, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman let it slip that they would be developing a "more casual" spherical camera for consumers, which likely means a whole new design with front and rear cameras, as opposed to the rig you see above. They'll join other major companies like Nikon in creating a simple-to-use 360 camera that does most of the work for shooters. GoPro is positioned well to introduce a simple 360 Degree Virtual Reality camera to the masses. If you'd like to watch the whole keynote, here it is, and you can jump to 38 minutes for the discussion between Kyncl, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman, and Chris Milk, music video director and CEO of VRSE, a VR company. read more...

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