Grass Valley ADVCmini Video Converter for the Mac Now Shipping

Grass Valley™ announced today that its “ADVCmini” hardware and software conversion product for the Mac platform is now shipping. The ADVCmini video converter allows consumers and prosumers to easily and reliably transfer high-quality video images from VHS tapes, digital camcorders, and similar sources to their Mac computer for editing in Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

High-quality video can be captured via composite, S-Video, or SCART cable (available for European users only), along with stereo audio. PerfectPicture technology guarantees excellent quality conversion from composite video sources. The intuitive unit is small, portable, and powered by the Mac’s USB port. The included software provides a video capture tool and compresses the video as it converts. All required cables are provided: USB, composite video/audio, S-Video, and (in Europe) SCART. An installation guide is also included.

Most similar converters in this category have objectionable video quality – especially when converting composite NTSC or PAL video into a digital signal. The 3D Y/C separator in the new Grass Valley ADVCmini box provides high-quality conversion typically available only in converters that are much more expensive.

“This invaluable product is ideally suited to those customers who want to preserve their memories in the best possible image quality at a price that won’t break the bank,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “The ADVCmini is competitively priced yet offers dramatically better conversion characteristics – even from composite video sources.”

Key Features
  • Works with all home and professional analog equipment
  • Capture from composite, S-Video, and SCART equipment (EU only)
  • 3D Y/C separation for superior composite video capture quality
  • Nothing else to buy – capture software and all cables included
  • Stereo audio capture with input level adjustment
  • Connects to Mac via USB 2.0
  • Powered by your Mac via USB cable
  • PerfectPicture technology provides:
    • 3D Y/C separation
    • Hue, saturation, and brightness (HSV) controls
    • Contrast and quality adjustments
  • PerfectSync technology for recording synchronized video with audio

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