Grass Valley Announces Free EDIUS 9 Upgrade

Free EDIUS 9 upgradeAnyone who acquires or has acquired EDIUS 8 (any version apart from the Home Edition) from 1st of September until 30th of November 2017 will get the EDIUS 9 upgrade for free.
  • Customers acquiring EDIUS Pro 8 (full version or upgrade) get a free EDIUS Pro 9 upgrade.
  • Customers acquiring EDIUS Pro 8 EDU get a free EDIUS Pro 9 EDU upgrade.
  • Customers acquiring EDIUS Workgroup 8 (full version or upgrade) get a free EDIUS Workgroup 9 upgrade.
If you have acquired EDIUS 8 within the above mentioned period of time, you can register for the free EDIUS 9 upgrade on on the website from 1st of November 2017 to 31st of December 2017. The delivery will follow after a processing period of approx. 15 working days. The free upgrade is delivered as download version. You will thus receive the EDIUS 9 upgrade serial number and the download link to EDIUS 9 by e-mail. Chargeable upgrade to EDIUS 9 EDIUS Pro 8 users have the possibility to cost-effective upgrade to EDIUS Pro 9 or to the extended version EDIUS Workgroup 9. Prices and further information regarding upgrades will be available from October 2017.

What's New

As in the past (see EDIUS 8 and the many free 8.x Updates) will EDIUS 9.x bring a lot of features over a period of 2 years time. New in EDIUS 9.00: HDR and BT2020/BT2100 Colorspace as Project Setting, native HDR Editing, HDR/SDR Conversion and mixed Formats on Timeline, HDR Export and HDR Previewing via I/O Hardware. EDIUS is now Cloud Ready, so it can be used in the Cloud (this does not mean Subscription, EDIUS is still a software which you buy once and use forever). New: Floating License model available. New is also C200 Raw Light Support, 10bit Raw Still/Cinema DNG Import, 10bit MP4 Export as well as some GUI Updates and more...

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