Grass Valley Edius 6 Advanced Editing Software Reviewed

Videomaker by Mike Houghton

Edius 6 is an extremely competitive non-linear editor for intermediate and professional users.

As the demand for video increases, the video editing software market only gets more competitive. Scores of programs compete against each other with new options, refined workspaces and streamlined workflows. Edius 6, from Grass Valley, is a pro competitor with a solid interface, impressive features and some pleasant surprises.

Under the Hood

Edius 6 is a sporty video editor with high aims and a sizeable fan base. Competitively priced, Edius is in the company of some familiar big dogs in the editing arena like Premiere Pro, Avid and Final Cut. However, it's only available for Windows OS users. The box contains two discs, an install manual, a registration card, a USB key and an "Edit Anything. Edius." sticker. The first disc installs the program; the second holds all the bonus software and extra plug-ins. The manual contains 23 pages of installation help, the USB key is essentially a security dongle, and the sticker is just for fun.

Installation is quick and simple without additional updates or patches to download. The user interface is clean, easy to navigate and keeps important functions within reach. The arrangement and even color of the program windows is modifiable. The included bonus filters and plug-ins neatly round out Edius, giving it extra functionality.

Experience Required

Edius 6 is a professional product and not entirely suitable for casual enthusiasts. The learning curve can be steep for intermediate editors and guaranteed to be frustrating for folks who don't read manuals. Absent are project wizards, templates or big, bubbly buttons with lengthy tool-tips. When setting up your project, you need to know details of aspect ratios, video resolution, frame rates and so on. read more...

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