Grass Valley Edius 9 Preview at IBC
Bryant Frazer from StudioDaily gives us some insight on what to expect from Grass Valley at IBC 2017. Grass Valley is said to preview Edius 9 and Stratus 6.0 at IBC 2017 and they can be found at booth 1.D11.
Grass Valley said it will preview Edius 9 and Stratus 6.0 at IBC 2017, introducing new features geared toward virtualized cloud-based installations, improved HDR support, and social media management features for newsrooms. Large facilities will soon be able to purchase what the company calls “cloud-ready” floating license packages for the Edius 9 NLE that will allow them to run Edius software on multiple systems until reaching their licensed limit, and then add more licenses on an as-needed basis. Grass Valley said the terms were designed to allow Edius 9 to be run in a virtualized environment on major cloud platforms. Also coming up in the next version of Edius are HDR features including the ability to edit HDR and SDR material in the same project and set the results for output in either color space for broadcast and/or online distribution. Anyone who purchases Edius 8 after September 1 will get a free v9 upgrade....
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