Grass Valley EDIUS version 7

Audio Video Producer by David Hague

Along with AVID Composer, Sony Vegas Pro 12, Adobe Premiere Pro CC and FCP, EDIUS 7 delivers at the Big End of Video Editing

Maybe it is just my perception, but it seems to me above the 'consumer level' of video editing packages in the realms of the 'pro' area, the packages most seem to identify with are the offerings from AVID, Sony (Vegas Pro), Adobe Premiere and Apple's Final Cut.

I mention this, because if you are not aware there is another from Grass Valley - the recently update to version 7 EDIUS. (EDIUS is an acronym for 'Editors Ultimate Solution by the way).


Between different editors, little varies between the actual editing processes these days. Let's face it, no-one (at a professional level) has yet to better the in and out point / preview-playback window/timeline metaphor as yet.

So what remains is the workflow methodology, implementation and functionality. It is a truism that editors are very personal; they are treated by users almost with the same evangelical zeal and protection as Ford versus Holden or Apple versus Windows. read more...

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