Grass Valley Edius Version 7.21 now released

New Features of Version 7.21
This update provides the following additional features:

  • ? Panasonic AVC-Ultra (MXF, CMF, GXF or P2) file export.
  • ? Panasonic AVC-Ultra Class 200 MXF file export.
  • ? Browsing of Panasonic AVC-Ultra GXF files with the Source Browser – K2 (FTP).
  • ? SONY XAVCS clip browsing.
  • ? DNxHD GXF file export.
  • ? Browsing of DNxHD GXF, MXF files with the Source Browser – K2 (FTP).
  • ? I/O support of 486i bottom field first video with STORM 3G and STORM 3G
    ELITE hardware.
  • ? Matrox MXO2LE for capture and playback.
  • ? Matrox MXO2mini for capture and playback.
  • ? Compatibility with Magic Bullet Looks.

Download here: (registration required). The Release Notes are available at

EDIUS support for Matrox editing devices
now available

Grass Valley qualified Matrox release 7.5.1 for use with EDIUS 7.21 nonlinear video editing application. Release 7.21 now offers full I/O capabilities for Matrox MXO2 LE and Matrox MXO2 Mini I/O devices.

Download Matrox release 7.5.1

Download EDIUS release 7.21

MXO2 LE and MXO2 Mini I/O devices


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