Grass Valley Introduces Indigo HDX Compact Production System

The Indigo HDX HD/SD Compact Production System—with on-board multiviewer, serial/Ethernet machine control, advanced audio mixing, and production-ready AUX buses—is a star player for tackling small yet complex production requirements.

The Grass Valley Indigo HDX is a compact video production system based on technologies developed for the advanced K-Frame processing engine used by the Kayenne and Karrera Video Production Center switchers, along with the intuitive user interface components from the original Indigo A/V mixer.

A one mix/effects (M/E) system with simple execution and abundant standard built-in functions makes this a very powerful production tool for smaller-scale productions.

The rich feature set, abundant I/O count, and powerful capabilities supports users who need to heavily depend on the Indigo HDX to deliver a variety of functions which would otherwise have to be dispersed across multiple external devices.

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