Grass Valley Kaleido Multiviewers and Nvision Compact Routers

Grass Valley MultiViewer
8x2, 1RU - $12,995.00 16x2, 1RU - $17,995.00 24x2, 1RU - $22,995.00 32x2, 3RU - $29,995.00 64x4, 3RU - $72,995.00 Buy-Now-button.png
Grass Valley Kaleido MX-Standalone Multiviewer (Up to 64x4) Pre-configured for simple and easy installation, Kaleido-MX is available in a wide choice of configurations for high-end in-studio TV production, outside broadcast trucks and master control playout operations. With advanced probing features, which rapidly and clearly alert operators to on-air problems, Kaleido MX is perfect for ensuring a high quality of broadcast for master control playout. Innovative scaling technology within Kaleido-MX offers the best video image quality as well as full layout flexibility to assign "any source, anywhere" with no bandwidth limitations. Kaleido-MX provides hot-swappable modules and power supplies for robust performance in the harshest environments.

Customize Your Multiviewer with Kaleido Modular-X!

Grass Valley’s Kaleido family of multiviewers is simply the best the industry has to offer, now with 4K and IP monitoring solutions. Whether you need a single-site or enterprise-wide monitoring solution, you’ll get the finest picture quality, the ultimate in layout flexibility and exceptional resilience. If you need to customize a Multiviewers to fit your customer's exact needs we recommend the Kaleido Modular-X. Kaleido-Modular-X is a flexible and scalable 4K- and IP-ready multiviewer for TV production that's optimized for the space, power and weight considerations found in studios and outside broadcast trucks. Modular design allows for easy configuration to desired I/O size. Unique FlexBridge coax cable bridging between the input and output modules allows for the installation of the input stage next to the router or sources — and the output stage next to displays — for simpler, cost-effective cabling installation with none of the risk associated with HDMI extenders. Split input and output modular system offers scalability both on the input and output side for future-proofing your investments as production needs increase. With space at a premium and the ever-present need to reduce overall weight in your production trucks, Kaleido-Modular-X offers the ideal multiviewer solution.

Call the Videoguys at 800-323-2325 to have a Kaleido Modular-X System Configured for Your Needs


NV Compact Top Reasons to Buy
  • Reliability Proven over many years and systems still in use today. Used in fly packs and trucks

  • Long life cycle power supplies 500,000 hours MTBF

  • Dolby E Certified Switching Like the larger Enterprise Routers
  • Small Form Factor ZERO rack space
  • Several Control Options NV9000, local and remote, RCP-200

NEW! Grass Valley NVISION Compact Routers Sizes & Formats for Every Need!

Grass Valley NVISION Compact Routers... The NVISION Compact range is highly versatile, and ideally suited to utility routing applications. They are available for all core formats, including triple rate 3G/HD/SD, in matrix sizes from 8x8 to 32x32. The Compact Routers also have a built-in controller, eliminating the need for a costly external controller.

At The Heart of Every Critical Asset In broadcasting, the router is more than just an important part of the workflow — it’s the central point through which every critical asset flows. It’s the heart of your business. Grass Valley’s solutions, featuring the NVISION router family, are designed specifically for broadcast — and are packed with features that keep your signals flowing smoothly, including 4K and IP routing.
Sizes and formats for every need...

Prices Shown are US$ List. NR=Non-Reclocking version.

NVISION Compact Routers

Grass Valley Nvision Compact Routers 8x8 Grass Valley Nvision Compact Routers 16x4 Grass Valley Nvision Compact Routers 16x16
Starting at $1,400.00 Starting at $1,390.00 Starting at $1,520.00
Buy-Now-button.png Buy-Now-button.png Buy-Now-button.png

Grass Valley Nvision Compact Routers 32x4 Grass Valley Nvision Compact Routers 32x32 Grass Valley Nvision Compact Routers 64x64
Starting at $1,940.00 Starting at $2,210.00 Starting at $10,850.00
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