Great audio is so important for live streaming worship

Church Production's recent article written by Brian Blackmore goes over the importance audio is in any house of worship live stream. A big factor to consider when putting on a live stream is to have good audio. Delivering bad audio is a big way to lose an audience. 

Vox Church,  a multi-site church with nine campuses spread across New England, faced audio challenges each Sunday when they live streamed their services to their website and YouTube channel. 

Robert Roy, central production lead for Vox Church says "We have a very small paid staff for each campus, as far as production-wise. And so equipment-wise, we try to be as efficient as we can, so that we can launch as many churches as we can and also make the job easier for each volunteer on a Sunday morning.”

Vox Church uses wireless mics and in-ear monitors (IEMs). Using these wireless systems reduces time and effort involved in dealing with cables. To improve their audio quality the church added wireless antennas and signal combiners from RF Venue. 

Check out Church Production's video going over the importance of Audio . 

 Check out the full article here

Check out the video on YouTube here!


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