GTech Armorlock: Simple, Secure Data Protection

The G-Technology ArmorLock is a great solution for keeping your data safe. If you are working with sensitive information, and you want to keep control, this is an excellent option.

One great feature of the ArmorLock is that access is incredibly easy, with the capability to control the drive via smart phone.  G-Technology developed the technology that makes up ArmorLock over the past several years. 

The design was created based on existing, proven security concepts.  They set to work editing these concepts where necessary, and adding new capability to create one of the best names in encrypted drives. 

The design of the ArmorLock Security Platform takes inspiration from the use of mobile phones and how people pair them with a variety of external devices, such as headphones, as well as logging in to services and apps using their biometric data such as fingerprint or facial recognition.

 If your ArmorLock drive is lost, there's also a great remote wipe function. This means that even if the drive is lost, this info can be taken off of the drive from anywhere in the world, completely protecting the data. 

This focus on limiting privileges does not stop with the app itself. Wherever possible, Western Digital uses peer-to-peer functionality instead of communicating with a centralized cloud. This means that the hard drive can be used in environments where the internet is not available. This also enables the user to strike a balance between eliminating the security issues associated with cloud usage and using additional cloud-based features.

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