Guide to Getting started with Live Video for Worship

Church services are one of the most common live streamed events. People have regularly attended Church and House of Worship ceremonies for ages. But, with modern life changing and evolving, remote services are a valuable tool.

Important communication channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have surpassed email, events and prints in regards to effectively getting a message out.

Therefore, live video is an essential tool for Churches interested in remote messaging.

Advantages of Sermon Broadcasting

  • Engage audience outside of your house of worship
  • Provide support for your parish in their outside lives as well
  • Share live videos and encourage participation in your community
  • Spread the reach of your church
  • Solicit donations to aid in further live video development

Getting Started and Choosing the Right Gear

When a Church starts broadcasting, they must make sure to have all the right gear, to make their first stream of the highest quality.

Of course, the first step is to assess your budget and chose how many cameras should be included. An encoder will, of course, also be a necessary tool as well.

Churches should also evaluate who their production team will be. If it is a team of volunteers, who are mostly unfamiliar with the equipment, an easy to use interface is the way to go. However, if you are working with trained professionals, you may want to make sure your gear is up to their standard as well!

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