Guide to live streaming for churches of all sizes

Live streaming house of worship services is popular now more than ever. Even before the COVID 19 pandemic some congregations were live streaming, but now it's even more important for all size houses of worship to stream their services online. One, to allow their members attend services who do not feel comfortable being in a large group, and two, to reach a wider audience. 

If you are new to live streaming you can start with your phone or an iPad to stream to online video platforms. For a more professional stream it's best to invest in an encoder and a camera to upgrade your picture quality. 

Teradek's Vidiu X and Vidiu Go encoders are slim, lightweight and portable. They allow you to stream directly from your camera to your online video platform of choice. Adding an encoder to your workflow gives users a more reliable way to stream. 

The Vidiu X  reliably broadcasts live video from almost any location to multiple streaming platforms – in high-definition, at the touch of a button. The Vidiu Go is for anyone seeking the cutting edge of broadcast technology.  The Go gives you the flexibility of delivering live video in the widely accepted AVC format or taking advantage of the efficiency of H.265 during bonded cellular broadcasts.

Teradek suggest also getting an external microphone. Audio is the most important element to a great church live stream. And to make sure you have reliable internet connection for a smooth, engaging live stream. 

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