Hands on with LaCie 12big Thunderbolt 3 RAID

Looking for solutions to store your 4K footage? This review of the large capacity LaCie 12big RAID will give you a good start.

From StudioDaily

...if you are working on a feature film or TV show with a budget, the LaCie 12big RAIDs are what you need for reliable, fast online storage, configured to protect your data from faulty drives. If you are a smaller shop, and don’t need all the speed and space, there is another option. I haven’t personally tried it out, but I’m guessing a 6big may be what you need. If you can’t afford the hefty price of the 12big and could live with a little less speed, LaCie’s 6big RAIDs are also available with street prices starting at $2,700 for 24 TB and topping out at $5,500 for 60 TB. Tell LaCie to send one to me and I’ll happily put it through its paces....[continue reading]

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