Hands on HD: Getting the Most out of High Def

Studio Monthly HD First-Person Advice Okay, you've got the gear. (Or at least your favorite dealer lets you play with his stock.) And you understand the technology. (Or at least you figure it can't possibly be that much different from what you already know.) And maybe the doors are already opening for you to take charge on an exciting HD project. (Or maybe you've already finished one that didn't quite turn out the way you had hoped.) However much you know - or think you know - about HD production, there's always more to be learned. Just because you're an ace HDCAM operator doesn't mean you'll instinctively be able to coax gorgeous images out of the inexpensive, option-rich handhelds that have exploded onto the market. And no matter how much experience you have in the realm of high-end post-production, tricky new formats like HDV have thrown a monkey wrench in the works. That's why we've asked production and post-production pros with real-world hands-on experience shooting and finishing HD formats, to share some of their hard-earned advice on dealing with HD footage and equipment. read more...

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