Hands-on HVX

Video Systems By Barry Braverman HVXA first-look review of the Panasonic HVX200, video’s latest quantum leap. At NAB 2005, Panasonic security dutifully watched over a glass case that held The Camera. In truth, it was not an actual camera at all, but a painted black block of wood with recycled camera parts glued on it. Had the ogling masses known this, I doubt it would have made much difference, however. Such was the level of excitement and anticipation for Panasonic's little wonder. The HVX200 accommodates two P2 cards of 8GB each for a total runtime of 40 minutes at 720p24n (Native mode). The card that is not immediately in use for recording can be offloaded to a laptop, dedicated Panasonic P2 Store, or generic FireWire or USB 2.0 hard drive. The AG-HVX200 clearly catered to dreamers and promised do it all, a true-high-definition, modestly priced camcorder capable of shooting variable frame rates at 720p and 1080i resolutions — at 4:2:2, no less. The camera offered the tantalizing prospect of a $150,000 shooting package for a mere $6,000. After all, this wasn't HDV with MPEG-2 long-GOP. This was the real thing. read more...

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