Hands on Review: Fast Forward Video sideKick HD

Art of the Guillotine by Tej Babra

Over the past few weeks the folks over at Fast Forward Video have given me the opportunity to test out their sideKick HD. The sideKick HD allows you to capture the highest quality video, with a straight to edit workflow. The sideKick HD is capable of recording directly from the camera up to 10 bit precision, 220Mbit/s , 4:2:2 sampling using Apple ProRes 422 HQ.

The sideKick HD is a video recorder that has a vibrant 4.3” color TFT screen for monitoring your shot or playing back various recorded clips. The sideKick HD uses 2.5” solid state drives for fast and compact performance. The SSD can be swapped out for larger drives for increased capacity, for longer record times.
The first thing I noticed how wonderfully easy the menu is to navigate through. The large circular wheel, and menu buttons allows you to easily change your record formats, playback clips and quickly switch back to recording to grab that unexpected shot. It is incredibly intuitive and a joy to work with in the field. read more...

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