Hands on Review: G-Tech G-RAID Removable

main11Over at Videoguys we are big fans of G-Tech G-RAIDs. Thru the years we've sold thousands of them and our custoemr LOVE them! We just published a G-RAID FAQ that is loaded with useful info and comparisons between the different flavors. In this article Brady does a great job going over all of the great features and performance of the G-Tech G-RAID 7 8TB with triple interface (USB, FireWire & eSATA) and removable drives. He recommeds it for video editors and VFX companies.
postPerspective by Brady Betzel I was sent an 8TB G-RAID stocked with two HGST (remember Western Digital? HGST is owned by them) 4TB drives, SATA 6.0Gb/s, 7200 RPM drives enclosed in removable drive bays. On first look, the external RAID looks exactly the same as any G-Tech drive that you are used to seeing — the polished aluminum (much like the older Mac Pro towers), front grate with the “G” logo, status light directly under the “G,” and multiple connections on the rear. I was intrigued by this drive because of the removable drive bays. I had seen G-Tech drives with non-removable drives and I was not a big fan, simply because if something goes down you have to send the entire thing in for warranty repair (if you are within your warranty). You can’t just get another drive and be quickly back up and running. With this latest release, if you are in a time-critical environment and a drive fails (barring the loss of data), you can have a spare and be back up and running in under an hour instead of days — all thanks to the removable drives. Keep in mind G-Technology does not warranty against data loss, only hardware failure due to technical problems, not wear and tear. G-Tech gives a three-year limited warranty with this particular G-RAID, which will cover any errors in craftsmanship of the drives or enclosure itself. If you drop it, no warranty for you. read more...

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