Hands on With NewBlueFX Kinetic Motion Pack

kinetic2We love the NewBlueFX Titler Pro 4. After you read this review of the NewBlueFX Kinetic Motion Pack we think you'll love it even more. It adds a bunch of animations, templats and customizable pre-sets that will allow you to creat even cooler title sequences.
AOTG by Joao Pacifer Along with the release of Titler Pro 4, NewBlueFX also made available a great deal of additional products that allow editors to expand their titling toolbox. The Kinetic Motion Pack is one of them, and can certainly provide a substantial enhancement to one’s results. Equipped with 8 animations, 16 designed templates and over 100 fully customizable presets, all of which are very professional and objectively constructed. The pack is definitely very functional and practical. These collections of animations are condensed into great selections that are of actual use. Initially, some of them may not seem attractive, but when combined with other elements, they can really grow. In regards to the 16 templates, I personally think of it as a solid start for development. Professionally built, they could be used as they are. With nothing more than a simple change of text. However, with some adjustments in font, colour, a touch on positioning, or even a tap on the speed and decay, it can easily provide an authentic and elegant result. It even comes with a template that imitates the Universal Pictures intro for more of a comic approach, if that's what you are looking for. read more...

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