Review: GNARBOX Portable Storage and Editing System

We are excited to now carry GNARBOX, a portable backup and editing system for any camera. Michael Zhang wrote this in-depth review on this portable storage and editing device. GNARBOX While these tools won’t replace more powerful editing apps out there, they’re definitely an easy way to spruce up your content a little for simple sharing while you’re on the go. And since everything is done within the GNARBOX app, you don’t need to worry about moving files from device to device and app to app for editing and sharing. If you’re a photographer who’s looking for a single solution for backing up your photos, editing them, and sharing them while you’re traveling, GNARBOX is worth looking into. You’ll be able to easily back up your camera’s photos, do some simple post-processing, and share them with the world using only your phone and leaving your laptop out of the equation. Click here to read the full article on PetaPixel

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