Hands on Review: Roland V-1HD Audio and Video Switcher

We're big fans of the Roland V-1HD compact, portable video switcher and have specifically bundled it with 2 different streaming/recording devices to get your streaming studio up and running easily and affordably! Check out our streaming media page here.

Review: Roland V-1HD Audio and Video Switcher

From StreamingMediaProducer By Michael Rendulic Roland V-1HD Video SwitcherThe Roland V-1HD is a versatile and portable entry-level video switcher that features 4 HDMI inputs and a 12 channel audio mixer that differentiates it from video-only switchers and many video switchers with integrated audio functionality. Before I was a video producer, I was a professional musician. Back then, Roland had a well-earned reputation for providing music gear and I often used their audio equipment. In the early 2000s, Roland, via their old Edirol brand, launched the very successful V-4 SD video mixer that was popular with both the video producer and the video DJ crowd. I remember researching the V-4 and V-8 and being interested in their capabilities, albeit for an area of video services that my company wasn't providing at the time. Fast forward to 2016. After being involved on many live video switch crews as a freelance camera operator, I was ready to make the leap to owning my own video switcher and producing my own live switches, as a technical director. I was very interested in the Roland V-1HD because it offered loads of features for an attractive price ($995). After booking a job where a product with the V-1HD's features would serve me well, I bought one...[continue reading]

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