Hands on Review: Roland V-1SDI 4 Input HD Switcher

Shawn Lam from Streaming Media reviews the new Roland V-1SDI 4 input HD Switcher! While also comparing the V-1SDI with the V-1HD this article is not one to miss.

Review: Roland V-1SDI 3G-SDI Video Switcher

Switching With the V-1SDI With a dedicated button for each of the four inputs on the A or Program Bus and the B or Preview Bus, switching on the V-1SDI is easy and intuitive. I tend to either straight-cut by punching the next input button on the Program Bus or select Mix and use the T-bar to cross-dissolve between my selections on the PST (Preview) and PGM (Program) Busses. Of course, I can also press the Auto take button to transition with a consistent and programmable duration, but having a physical T-bar is such a treat that I’m sure I use it more just because I have one than that I have a need to constantly adjust my transitions according to the feel of the programming that I am switching. Outputs As for outputs, the V-1SDI has three video outputs total (Figure 3, below). This is one more than does the V-1HD, which as an HDMI Multiview and an HDMI Program output. On the V-1SDI, the Multiview remains an HDMI output, and the program and preview outputs are HD-SDI. 109328-v-1sdi3-org Figure 3. I/O on the V-1SDI. 109330-v-1sdi5-org The outputs can be re-assigned in case you want an HD-SDI Multiview and an HDMI program output but what I really like about having a dedicated preview output, is that it can be used as an Aux bus if you need two different program outputs. Using the switcher in this mode is great for when you need to provide one feed for IMAG and a different one for a webcast or archive recording (Figure 4, right). The caveat in this application is that both outputs are then cut with straight-cuts only. Click here to read the full article from Streaming Media

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